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Coaching: An Effective Management Style


 Coaching: An Effective Management Style
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Eric Schmidt:
Everyone needs a coach

Successful Leaders
The true success of leaders is measured by the success of the people that work for them and with them. An effective coach-leader acts as a facilitator, paving the way for team members to achieve their best results. They are role models for others, excellent listeners and communicators, providing perspective and encouragement while setting high standards and expectations.

Adopting a coaching style is measurable
Increases in employee productivity, motivation and satisfaction create goodwill that goes directly to top-line and bottom-line results. Coaching creates an environment that fosters learning, independent thinking and opportunities for all to grow and contribute. It builds an engaged and committed workforce and a more enjoyable workplace for everyone!

Sustainable Results:
Learn and internalize coaching as a management style
• Understand your role as a coaching manager and leader
• Learn the coaching process and its effectiveness

Learn how to quickly clarify expectations and provide feedback
• Learn three techniques for making feedback valuable
• Understand how to prepare effectively for a coaching discussion

Transition solidly from traditional manager to coach-leader
• Discover techniques to improve your coaching effectiveness
• Quickly determine where your coaching efforts are best  focused

Learn to recognize coaching opportunities
• Learn how to recognize when coaching will be effective
• Understand the time critical elements of effective coaching

Create high performance teams and culture
• Deepen the coaching process through interactive role play
• Practice coaching conversations using various interpersonal skills
• Understand how to transition your team to higher performance

Coaching as a management style is becoming a core competency of today’s leaders and managers. During this highly interactive program you will explore ways of improving your coaching skills – how to thrive as a leader – and how to engage your employees for greater success.

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