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Professional Development Coaching


 Coaching: An Effective Management Style
 Personal Development Coaching
 Professional Development Coaching
Eric Schmidt:
Everyone needs a coach

Leadership Training + Personal Coaching
Professional Development Coaching is a powerful combination of Leadership coaching and Personal coaching.

Your life is not a collection of silos (social, civic, career, family). You live life from moment to moment and each moment requires different skills and abilities.

Your time and energy are valuable - why settle for partial results when you deserve comprehensive results.

The Coaching Relationship
The main emphasis in this coaching program is the constructive collaboration between you and your coach. The relationship begins with your coach working with you and your organization to create a coaching program that meets your objectives.

Through assessments you gain valuable insight into what critical skills and behaviors are needed to drive business results.

Key areas - that will improve the quality of your leadership and deliver on organizational strategy - are identified and developed. Your coach works with you to develop a practical action plan that can be applied immediately to current business issues and guide your development after the coaching relationship has ended.

Sustainable Results
Learn new tools for achieving results and accelerating your development
Gain a competitive edge for yourself and your business
Expand your talents and learn new skills to apply on the job in real time
Accelerate your development by getting a balance of Leadership and Personal coaching that’s tailored for you
Receive clear, candid feedback that will deepen your personal resources and strengthen your leadership impact
Emerge from the coaching relationship as a better leader and more balanced and dynamic person

Leadership Awareness Coaching (1 - 3 months)
An intensive program designed for professional staff, supervisors and managers. All learning - that involves managing, leading or inspiring people - requires building awareness. This coaching program combines growth in personal awareness with skills enhancement and building leadership awareness.

Leadership Development Coaching (4 - 8 months)
This program is designed for leaders looking for accelerated development and long-term, sustainable results. This includes extensive feedback, planning, assessment and ongoing coaching support. The goal is to achieve high level personal and leadership effectiveness so you can drive business results.

Leadership Excellence Coaching (whatever it takes)
This ‘whatever it takes’ program is for senior leaders – c-suite, partners, business unit executives – who still want to experience real and sustainable change in both personal and leadership development. This program is customized to the unique needs of the leader. It provides a confidential resource that leaders can depend on as they focus on their development.

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