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The Art and Science of Persuasion


 The Art and Science of Persuasion
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Success = Persuasion
Consider the successful people you know the ones who are achieving their personal, social, civic and professional goals. What makes them successful? One of the characteristic's they all have in common is their ability to persuade.

Persuasion is a process
Persuasion is the process we use to influence the thoughts and actions of others. Persuasion combines logic and emotion to achieve the desired outcome. The benefits of communicating persuasively apply across a vast spectrum of possibilities ranging from sales, management and public relations to politics, community development and social reform.

Ancient and Modern
Over 2300 years ago the Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote the definitive work on persuasion. In the past few decades sociologists, psychologists and neuroscientists have developed some deep insights into how our ability to persuade arises from social conditioning, cognitive biases and deep brain structures.

Sustainable Results:
Deepen your understanding of the psychology of everyday persuasion
Are we Rational or Rationalizing?
Learn the two routes (peripheral vs. central) that determine your persuasion strategy

Discover how to effectively create credibility
Learn how real and created credibility can be used to successfully persuade
Become adept at recognising and using the key credibility establishing factors

Learn the four stratagems and five key factors of influence
Stratagems: Pre-Persuasion, Source Credibility, Message Context, Emotions
Key Factors: Reciprocation, Consistency, Social Proof, Liking, Authority

Become adept at creating and delivering persuasive messages
Learn the five patterns of persuasive speaking and the 16 most persuasive words
Learn how to create environments that enable people to persuade themselves

Learn to successfully deal with persuasion tactics directed at you
Discover when to deflect, resist, counterattack or temporarily go with the flow
Develop a deeper understanding of the effects of persuasion on you

Workbook and DVD: The workshop includes a Workbook (containing all the material presented during the workshop) and at the end of the day you will also receive a DVD of all your recorded performances during the day. The workbook and DVD will save you time, accelerate your learning and serve as valuable resource material as you move forward in the development of your persuasion skills.

This is an intensive, fast paced, hands-on workshop that packs more learning into one day than most pack into two days.

We use a combination of accelerated learning techniques that ensure you will absorb the information and retain it for far longer. You will emerge from this one day workshop with a deep and lasting understanding of the persuasive process and how to best use your skills to teach, educate, motivate and persuade.

Join us for the The Art and Science of Persuasion workshop and discover the difference one day can make in you ability to think and speak persuasively.

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