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Communications Excellence


 The Art and Science of Persuasion
 Communications Excellence
 Communications Foundation

Achieve Excellence
You now posses the foundation skills and power to effectively teach, educate, persuade and motivate listeners to quickly understand and take action. Now you are ready to achieve excellence.

Deepen, Broaden, Strengthen
You’ve seen how opportunities to educate and influence others through presentations are ubiquitous. You’ve practiced using the techniques in your presentation toolbox and developed a personal style. Now its time you deepen your toolbox, strengthen your presentation style and broaden your range of presentation opportunities.

This interactive program is an in-depth development of your personal presentation style.  Add even more  effective techniques to your toolbox.  Compare styles and learn from fellow participants.  Bring source material for constructing a five minute presentation.

Sustainable Results:
Deepen your toolbox of techniques and strategies
Become adept at handling rough situations
Learn how to deliver impromptu presentations
Build emotion, logic and humor into any presentation

Deepen your toolbox of techniques and strategies
• Learn how to deliver compelling opening and closing remarks
• Develop strategies to get and keep audience attention
• Learn techniques for driving home key points

Become adept at handling rough situations
• Learn simple techniques for dealing with negative or hostile audiences
• Lead your audience to consensus while managing objections

Learn how to deliver impromptu presentations
• Quickly determine audience need and time constraints
• Understand how to adjust presentation content on the fly

Build emotion, logic and humour into any presentation
• Learn how to balance emotion and logic for maximum effect
• Understand how to effectively use humour, anecdotes and stories

Workbook and DVD: Included in this workshop is the Communications Excellence Workbook containing all the material presented during the workshop. At the end of the day you will also receive a DVD of all your recorded performances during the day. The workbook and DVD will save you time, accelerate your learning and serve as valuable resource material as you continue to develop mastery of your persuasive presentation skills.

This workshop uses a combination of accelerated learning techniques that ensure you will absorb the information and retain it for far longer. You will emerge from this one day workshop with a deep and lasting understanding of how to best use your highly developed presentation skills to teach, educate, motivate and persuade.

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