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 The Art and Science of Persuasion
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 Communications Foundation

Build your Foundation
Those who posses the skill and courage to effectively present information and ideas, also posses the power to effectively teach, educate, persuade and motivate listeners to quickly understand and take action.

Opportunities to Influence
Opportunities to educate and influence others through presentations are ubiquitous. Marketing, sales, project management, strategic planning, change management, brand building, business and product development, operations management and client relations are just a few of the areas where effective presentations can make the difference.

This interactive program provides you with a solid foundation for creating informative and engaging presentations. You will practice creating an informative and persuasive presentation.  Bring source material for constructing a five minute presentation.

Sustainable Results:
Understand how to quickly overcome 'on stage' anxiety
Discover your unique presentation style
Learn techniques for creating high impact presentations
Understand how to use your body and voice to add power
Learn a highly effective framework for rapid speech and presentation development

Understand how to quickly overcome 'on stage' anxiety
Learn the facts about fear and anxiety
Practice relaxation techniques for use before, during and after you speak

Discover your unique presentation style
We all have presentation strengths and weaknesses - discover yours
Learn how to strengthen your weaker abilities and leverage your natural abilities

Learn techniques for creating high impact presentations
Understand how to balance emotion and logic
Discover how to motivate your audience and be more persuasive
Learn how to engage the audience and position your presentation
Learn how to grab and hold your audience with great opening and closing remarks
Learn how to structure the body of your presentation for maximum effect
Discover how to effectively use visual aids for different types of presentations

Understand how to use your body and voice to add power
Receive video feedback regarding your stage presence
Learn techniques for appropriate body positioning, hand gestures, eye contact and voice control for greater impact

Learn a highly effective framework for rapid speech and presentation development
Discover how much time an effective development frameworks can save

Workbook and DVD: Included in the workshop is the Communications Foundations Workbook containing all the material presented during the workshop. At the end of the day you will also receive a DVD of all your recorded performances during the day. The workbook and DVD will save you time, accelerate your learning and serve as valuable resource material as you move forward in the development of your presentation and communication skills.

This workshop uses a combination of accelerated learning techniques that ensure you will absorb the information and retain it for far longer. You will emerge from this one day workshop with a deep and lasting understanding of how to best use your developing communicaitons skills to teach, educate, motivate and persuade.

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