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Hello Fellow Toastmasters

Toastmasters thrives today because of the many volunteers that have given back!

By doing so they have helped build and strengthen an organization that offers many opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people around the world to learn and grow as leaders and communicators.

Over the past few years I've spent a lot of time in the Toastmasters Learning Laboratory....doing, thinking, discussing and writing about whatever aspect of Toastmasters I was involved in at the time.

I hope what you find here helps you on your Toastmasters journey.

Rodney G. Denno, DTM
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Evaluation Maven Manifesto (EMM) Project
For Individual Members and Clubs

A thoughtful, insightful speech evaluation - with specific, actionable and encouraging suggestions - has the power to transform the speaker and the speech.

The Evaluation Maven Manifesto (EMM) 2.0 provides all the insights, knowledge, tips, tools and techniques you will need to become an evaluation maven.

You can get the EMM 2.0, Worksheets and Other materials HERE
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How to Win a Speech Evaluation Contest
For Individual Members

The short answer – Be the best!

A somewhat longer answer – "Be the best! – on that day – for that speech – as determined by the judges in that audience – out of all the speech evaluators at that competition". If you can do that four times (Club, Area, Division, District) you earn the right to call yourself the District Speech Evaluation champion for that year. No small feat!

This eBook will help you prepare to - Be at your best!
You can get the 'How to Win the Toastmasters Speech Evaluation Contest' strategy HERE
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How to Create, Promote and Deliver - Fair, Fun and Well Run Contests
For Club, Area, Division and District Contests

Being a Contest Chair is challenging and rewarding - stretching both your leadership and communication skills.

Contestants have spent many hours crafting their speeches or developing their impromptu speaking skills. As Contest Chair you - and your team - can provide a contest environment that is enjoyable for the competitors and the audience.

This page has all the resources you will need to build a team and create fun, fair and well run contests.

You can get step-by-step scripts for all five contests HERE
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Ten Tips for Making Videos
For Individual Members and Clubs

Anyone with a smartphone or video camera has the technology needed to make a video. Videotaping speeches, and other speaking activities for later review is a great way to use video to deepen your knowledge and understanding.

However, if you want to produce a more professional (entertaining, thought provoking, educational) video - there is more to do than point-and-shoot.

Film maker and fellow Toastmaster - Brian Hebb - provides ten tips on how to produce a professional looking video.

You can get the 'Ten Video Tips' HERE
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How to Build or Rebuild Club Strength
For Strengthening Clubs

Think back to the first club you joined. You probably joined because it felt like the 'right fit'.

That feeling is what I call Club Strength. When Club Strength is high it’s because members are contributing to the production of dynamic, informative and entertaining meetings – that keep members engaged and wanting more.

This guide looks at how to build - or rebuild - Club Strength by raising membership levels AND ensuring that each members overall club experience is valuable. The miniMentor program - introduced here - is a way of assisting clubs in rebuilding Club Strength when a Club Coach is not available.

You can get 'A Guide to Building or Rebuilding Club Strength' HERE
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How to Maintain Club Strength
For Maintaining Strong Clubs

A club's health - or strength - can deteriorate in small decrements that are not noticed until the change is significant. One of the most valuable services you can perform - as a club leader - is to ask club members if the club is meeting their expectations and helping them reach their leadership and communications goals.

Toastmasters recommends that every club do the Moments of Truth module once a year. However, sometimes clubs feel they are doing just fine or that Moments of Truth takes too much time and effort. When this happens I've used a survey that takes only 15 minutes and yields the insights you need to assess the health of your club - so the club can take action in the areas that need it.

You can get the survey, spreadsheet and report HERE
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How to Build a Strong Leadership Foundation
For Clubs to Encourage Members to Complete the CL Manual

Leaders are needed in all aspects of life.

Completing the Competent Leadership (CL) manual is the first major step along the Toastmasters path of leadership development. The next two steps - the Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) and Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) - further develop and refine a members leadership skills and knowledge.

Fellow Toastmaster - Shael Stonebridge, DTM - has developed a comprehensive system that clubs can use to encourage members to complete the CL manual and track their progress.

You can get his six step process and all the materials - tips, lists and spreadsheets
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How to Provide Online Club Officer Training
For District Level Club Officer Training

Club Officers in remote clubs are sometimes unable to attend training because of the significant time, cost and in some cases weather danger associated with travelling to in-person training.

In 2009 a group of us in District 21 (British Columbia, Canada) decided to increase the number of club officers receiving training - by providing an online training option. Since 2009 a few hundred club officers have been trained - that would otherwise have not received training.

NOTE: Prior to each training period the District has asked for - and received - permission from the TI Board to have this - online - training count towards the clubs DCP points.

A step-by-step guide that contains all the information needed to set up and deliver online club officer training.

You can get 'How to Provide Online Club Officer Training to Remote Clubs' HERE
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How to Create and Deliver Large Events that WOW
For Areas, Division and District Level Promotional Events

Simply put - WOW events are intended to get attendees to say 'WOW! I didn’t realize there was so much to Toastmasters!'

Over the past few years a number of us in District 21 (British Columbia, Canada) have created and delivered large WOW events to a couple hundred people at a time. Typically a single WOW event helps a couple dozen clubs build membership and club strength - and generally create a greater awareness of Toastmasters.

You can get 'How to Create and Deliver Large WOW Events' HERE
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How to Get to SOLD OUT
For Promoting District Conferences

Experiencing a SOLD OUT conference is energizing for the attendees - and gratifying for the team of people it took to create and deliver it!

Over the past few years I've helped a number of conference teams create and deliver SOLD OUT conferences. This eBook contains all the plans and email content that we created to successfully promote a recent District 21 Fall Conference - that reached SOLD OUT and had a waiting list!

You can get 'How to Get to SOLD OUT: Promoting Your District Conference' HERE
About Rodney Denno, DTM
You may be wondering what my Toastmasters background is - here are some of my leadership roles, awards and achievements from the past few years. If you want to know more about me click HERE.

Leadership Roles
• 2008 - Present Club President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations
• 2017 - 2018 District 96 - Public Relations Manager
• 2017 - 2018 District 96 - Succession Planning Specialist
• 2017 - 2018 District 96 - Leadership Development Specialist
• 2017 - 2018 District 96 - Proclamation Specialist
• 2017 - 2018 District 96 - Assistant Webmaster
• 2016 District 96 - Spring Conference Public Relations Chair
• 2012 - 2013 District 21 - Assistant Lieutenant Governor, Education & Training
• 2012 District 21 - Fall Conference Public Relations Chair
• 2010 - 2011 District 21 - Communications & Technology Officer
• 2011 WOW Vancouver - Public Relations & Logistics Chair
• 2009 - 2011 District 21 - On-Line Club Officer Training for Remote Clubs
• 2010 District 21 - Fall Conference Public Relations Chair
• 2009 - 2010 District 21 - Public Relations Officer
• 2009 District 21 - Fall Conference Registration Chair
• 2009 - 2010 District 21 - Division B Governor
• 2008 - 2009 Area 23 Governor

Awards & Achievements
• 2016 District 96, Finalist, Toastmasters International Speech Evaluation Contest
• 2016 District 96, Division S, First Place, Toastmasters International Speech Evaluation Contest
• 2015 District 96, Finalist, Toastmasters International Speech Contest (Top 9 speakers in British Columbia)
• 2015 District 96, Division S, Second Place, Toastmasters International Speech Contest
• 2015 District 96 Outstanding Toastmaster Award
• 2013 Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
• 2012 District 21, Division H, Third Place, Table Topics Speech Contest
• 2011 District 21, Finalist, Toastmasters International Speech Contest (Top 10 speakers in British Columbia)
• 2011 District 21, Division B, First Place, Toastmasters International Speech Contest
• 2010 District 21 Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year Award
• 2009 District 21 Rookie of the Year Award

• April 2018 Evaluation Maven Manifesto (version 3.0) (to be published)
• March 2013 Evaluation Maven Manifesto (version 2.0) published

2016 First Place Division S
Toastmasters Int'l
District 96
Speech Evaluation

2015 Outstanding Toastmaster
Toastmasters Int'l
District 96

2011 First Place Division B
Toastmasters Int'l
District 21
Speech Contest

2010 Toastmaster
of the Year Award

Toastmasters Int'l
District 21

2009 Rookie
of the Year Award

Toastmasters Int'l
District 21

© 2018 Rodney Denno